Piers Kwan

  • StrongFirst Team Leader (SFL, SFG II, SFB, SF Elite)

  • Original Strength Lead Instructor

  • Several other very exciting things

Piers was certified as a hardstyle kettlebell instructor in 2010. He has trained under Pavel Tsatsouline, initially through the RKC and now with SFG (StrongFirst). He has also been fortunate to learn directly from Tim Anderson and the team at Original Strength on a regular basis.

Piers is a bit of a nerd, enjoys playing sports, and also doesn’t mind spending time with his beautiful wife and children.


Rachel Kwan

  • Strongfirst Level II Instructor

  • Registered Nurse

  • Registered Midwife

  • Credentialled Diabetes Educator

As a Nurse, Midwife, and Diabetes Educator, Rachel has an extensive background dealing with pregnancy and diabetes. As a mother, and someone who suffers from Type 1 Diabetes, Rachel is familiar with the struggles that come with managing complex life issues while maintaining an active lifestyle. Rachel certified as a StrongFirst Instructor directly under Pavel in Perth during November 2013.

Rachel loves Piers most of all, and also the daughter.


Nicci Modolo

  • Strongfirst Level II Instructor

  • Original Strength Foundations I

  • Level I ASCA Strength & Conditioning Coach

  • Level I Powerlifting Aus Coach

Nicci has been throwing kettlebells around for the last half a decade and hasn’t looked back since. After completing her SFG Level I & II in 2016, she has put a massive emphasis on spending her time assisting at various workshops, practicing her coaching and her lifting in order to become a freaking great coach. With a hospitality background, Nicci appreciates how important effective training is to improve daily life.

Nicci likes long walks on the beach, her puppy Dottie, and the guy she lives with.


Matt Aldous

  • Strongfirst Level I Instructor

Matt first fell in love with KB's back in 2012/13 training with Piers. He has been certified under the Strongfirst system since late 2013 and attended the SFG Level 1 certification 3 times now. Why?! Because he loves it! He learns new tools and tips about training and himself each and every time. It’s also get to meet a bunch of great people and watch the community grow.

Matt is passionate & excited about the training we do at QKB and loves helping others along on their journey. ‘I love the confidence and resilience that strength training has added to my life outside the gym and want to share that with others who want to learn.’