Chances are, you're getting what you deserve...

"What gets measured, gets managed" Peter Drucker

  Oftentimes you will hear people complaining that they aren’t getting the results that they desire. Maybe they aren’t losing weight, maybe they aren’t getting stronger, or perhaps it is in something else entirely unrelated to the health and fitness industry. The logical question that begs to be asked at this point is, “what did you do to deserve they results?” More often than not the response will begin with a statement like, “ummm… well I ate pretty well, and I got to the gym fairly regularly”, but the specifics of things are very, very hazy.   People who get great outcomes normally have two things.   The first thing that they normally have is a plan. A plan gives them a roadmap so that they can make deliberate decisions that take them towards their goal. The second thing that they will normally have is a record of what they have done – in our case, a food journal and an exercise diary. A food journal and an exercise diary give people the chance to think about what they are doing, review what they’ve done, and make changes in order to ensure that they are travelling in the direction that they wish to go.

Our bodies are, in many ways, not as unique as we’d like to think that they are. For the vast majority of people, if they come to their fitness goals with an intelligent plan, and they keep a behaviour log, they will end up getting the results they are looking for.

  The homework that I would like you to consider this week is the following:  

1.  Pick an important goal, maybe something that has been frustrating you for a long time, and set a realistic time and a date by which point you would like to have it completed.

2.  With that goal in mind, choose measurable behaviours that will take you towards that goal

3.  Set individual dates to hit those targets by (put those dates into your calendar with some reminders).

4.  Regularly review your timeline.

By the time your goal is due, in all likelihood, you should have achieved what you were trying to achieve with "minimal" stress.   Move Well. Be Strong. Thanks for reading.