Queensland Kettlebells

We make our members like we make our coffee; strong & hot (mostly strong)


In it for the long haul

We help our people improve how their bodies move and feel — knowing they will be able to be active for a long time to come.

When you train with us you are committing to lasting change. It’s less about how hardcore one session is and more about giving you a plan to feel better, move better, think clearer and be stronger for the rest of your life. Read more about how we train. 


We are easygoing and ego-free. We value support*, great company and training towards our goals together.

*support may include frequent caffeination.


Your success is our success

Our trainers apply years of experience and continual learning to ensure you exercise safely and effectively in every class. Meet our experts.


Nice to meet you!

Thanks for visiting, we would love hear from you. We’re a kettlebell gym located in East Brisbane — contact us or check the date of our next beginner workshop to sign up.

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