Why We Choose Original Strength

Here at Queensland Kettlebells, our training is primarily informed by three different systems:

  • StrongFirst

  • Function Movement Systems

  • Original Strength

In a series of posts (probably three, because of the number of systems that we use…) I’m going to unpack what it is that makes each system compelling, and how and why we use it to help our clients to achieve their goals. The second post in this series is focused upon Original Strength. Original Strength is a system of movement that centres itself around five resets: rocking, nodding, rolling, crawling, and breathing. The central idea behind the system is that we were designed to move well, and for whatever reason we have forgotten how to, so utilizing the movements, and variations on the movements that we used to develop as children, we can restore the foundations to our movement, and fix the issues that the shaky foundation created in the first place.

Original Strength is far from the only system out there that effectively utilizes primitive movements, so what is it that sets OS apart? OS is a simple system that can easily and quickly be progressed and regressed in order to match people where they are at that present moment. It can be made easy, or hard, in order to scratch the itch people need scratching.

The adaptability of Original Strength can be shown simply by looking at the range of clients that have received great results on the OS website. People who have gotten outstanding results include a person with a bunch of old people, a bunch of young people, a bunch of weak people, and a bunch of strong people, it even includes some people with diagnosed conditions. Basically, if you are looking to achieve outstanding health outcomes, and maintain them, then Original Strength can get you there. It’s easy to point to the outcomes that Geoff and Tim have gotten overseas, but they are the gurus. One could quite reasonably ask about what results we have gotten here… Good ones. I have people between the ages of 11 and 65 who are utilizing OS and achieving outstanding, measurable results. I saw people come to the workshop with issues that have been present for several years, and walk away with a better range of motion, and less discomfort than in their youth.

Every week, I see the principles applied to unlock movements – everything from bodyweight strength, to kettlebell movements, barbell movements, and even simple, everyday movements like getting up off the floor. When it’s all said and done though, the reason that we use Original Strength is that it works, it’s simple to apply, and people can easily understand and remember the movements. Finally, as Tim Anderson sometimes says (or as I hear him say whether he says it or not…), with most of these movements the spectrum doesn’t go from bad to good, but rather from good to fantastic, in other words, it’s a form of exercise that will benefit you, even if you do it poorly.