My Favourite Thing About QKB

I like to think that we do a few things well at QKB.  We train our clients deliberately and work a plan that gets a predictable outcome.  And we place a high value on technical execution.  The thing that I’m most proud of though, is the intentional community that flows throughout the place.

I’ve recently been reading Dan John’s Can You Go and hit upon a chapter where he highlights how his community helps him.  He talks about how his community keeps things fresh, keeps him motivated, and allows him a chance to give and receive.  These are huge things to add to your life, and they are a big part of why I love the group that we have at QKB.

We aren’t a gym that organises a whole bunch of events across the year and party hard together.  We do have coffee regularly, and it’s not unusual for people to hang out with people that they met in the gym outside of the gym, but typically, we meet together because we want to be healthy, feel strong, and enjoy each others company.

I’ve been fortunate this month to be on the same program as my trainers (KB Burn Extreme from Geoff Neupert - phenomenal program…) and it’s afforded me the opportunity to train with them simultaneously.  One thing that I noticed today was that I tend to get more done when I work in with the guys.  It creates a sense of urgency that makes my fatigue feel less apparent and gives me the impetus to go just that little earlier. I also had a technical issue that Matt, one of my trainers, noticed and helped me clean up which was greatly appreciated (how often do you have 2-3 SFG certified trainers watching you work!).  Alongside this, I just really like the people that I got to train with.  I like that I get to laugh and crack jokes, even as I work hard.  I like that I can look forward to hanging out with people. And I love, that our gym is a safe place, where people can come along, be themselves, and be accepted where they’re at and be encouraged in where they’re going.

I love our community, and I would love it, if this type of group appeals to you, if you came down and checked us out.  It’s not for everyone, but it might be for you…

Just as a quick aside, when you have a group that has been well taught (and ours has, with a huge portion of our gym members being SFG certified - 9 at last count - almost all directly under Pavel, as well as having learned from Shaun Cairns on multiple occasions and Tim Anderson and Geoff Neupert on others) then working in a group means that you might have someone who cares enough to put the reins on you.  A training partner, or being a part of a training group, is about ensuring that the other person gets the best outcome possible, that is very often not one more rep, but one fewer rep and going home healthy enough to come in tomorrow…

our-whyPiers Kwan