The Swing's Magical Ingredient

The hip hinge is crucially important to the swing, and in reality, it is the failure to apply this well that knee caps most trainers attempts to really help their clients to achieve their goals. The cool thing about the SFG certification, is that it equips trainers to progressively teach both the hinged position and the vertical plank required for a great swing. In reality, the swing is a swift transition between these two positions while maintaining an active upper body. When this is done well, people start to experience a bit of the WTH! effect that Pavel talks about in Enter the Kettlebell.

For me, when I learnt to swing properly, and to utilise this hip hinge rather than a 'squatty' movement back when I got my first proper instruction from a hardstyle instructor back in the RKC, I noticed a bunch of great things happen. I noticed my hamstrings getting stronger and not 'twanging' when playing sport, I noticed my posture improve, and the thing that really blew me away, was that I got to experience being faster than people in the sports that I played.

Many people have positive stories to tell about the swing and how it has affected them, but get started by watching the video above, and hopefully, in the near future, I will have something more available to help you on your swinging journey. If there is anything else you want help with or want to learn about, please leave it in the comments below.